a little about us

Agents of Change are a classic acoustic duo in the same tradition as Bob
Dylan & Bruce Langhorne, and Jerry Jeff Walker & David Bromberg. The two
talents making up the Agents of Change duo are Adrian Hladky & Richard
Terres (agents 55 & 77, respectively). Agents of Change appeared on the S.F.
Bay area coffeehouse circuit in May 1996.
Both Agents 77 & 55 write and play songs from the heart about what is
important to them.
Recently, Billy Goodman, (Goodman Bros. et al) said about the duo, "The
Agents of Change aren't messing around. They give 110% and they are as
serious as a heart attack." During performances, the duo appreciates the
opportunity to stretch out and explore uncharted territory.

This effect, combined with the dynamics of the songs can be heard on the CD:
"Live at Hyde St. Studios- Across The Wires session" which was recorded at
Wally Heider's old studio - Hyde St. Studios, as it is known now.
The same place where the Grateful Dead recorded Workingman's Dead and
American Beauty.
The entire album was done live with no overdubs one evening at the hallowed
SF facility and released on Hard Folk Records in March of 1998.

Agents of Change have a chemistry that allows them to weave their guitar
sounds and create a rich fabric of music. While their distance has rendered
appearances too few and far between, they continue to develop their sound via
4-track recordings as they come up with new material.

Most recently, Agent 77, released a solo CD entitled "All Folked Up" on their
label and the agents are preparing to go back to Hyde St. to make their second
album. While both 55 & 77 stand strongly on their own as solo artists, it is
agents of change which is foremost on their minds. As a virtuoso on vocals,
guitar and harmonica, Agent 77 is a force to be reckoned with. His lyrical
imagery is apparent on both "Change of Heart"; and "Sit Tight". You can hear
more on his solo disc.
Agent 55 has been writing songs for 30-odd years. His passion, the love song,
has developed into a deep, introspective examination of the world of
relationship. At one time, it can be a simple observation and at another,
multi-layered, with the interpretation left to the listener. He is emerging as a
slide (bottleneck) player, adding to his abilities as a fingerpicker and a solid
rhythm guitarist.